Distinguished Speaker Inventory

The Society of Quality Assurance Learning Foundation (SQA-LF) has established a Distinguished Speaker program that identifies and recognizes the top-rated SQA speakers each year. Individuals who are invited to join the Distinguished Speaker Inventory are experts on a wide variety of Quality Assurance (QA) topics, and they have demonstrated their skill in presenting to audiences in a meaningful and engaging way. A current list of Distinguished Speakers is below.

SQA Chapters, other QA organizations, and other scientific nonprofits and associations are invited to request a speaker to present on a desired QA topic that is within the scope and mission of SQA and the SQA-LF. Complete the Distinguished Speaker Request Form...
James Ault, RAC, RQAP-GLP
Michael Baptist, RQAP-GCP,CCRP
Tammy Barkalow, RQAP-GLP
Randall Basinger
Shawn Bengston, RQAP-GLP
Catherine Bens
Angela Berns
Christopher Both, RQAP-GCP
Anthony Brewer
Jacqueline Bushong, RQAP-GCP
Megan Callan
Judy Carmody, PhD
Nancy Catricks
Jamie Colgin, CISA, CRISC, ASQ CQA
Arif Demirel
Theresa Donegan, RQAP-GLP
William Drummond
Michelle Edwards
Melissa Eitzen, RQAP-GLP
Lisa Fink
Joseph Franchetti
Kimberly Frazier
Linda Frederick, RQAP-GLP
Gregory Furrow
Deborah Garvin, RQAP-GLP
Celeste Gonzalez, RQAP-GCP, CCRP
Glenda Guest, RQAP-GCP
Eric Humes, RQAP-GLP
Cynthia Ivey, RQAP-GLP
Anthony Jones
Mark Kallback
Annette Kenser, RQAP-GLP
Cheryl McCarthy, RQAP-GCP
Patricia Miller
Beth Moulaison
Barbara Munch
Kathryn Newland
Jenny O'Brien, PhD, RQAP-GCP
Steven Orr
Jennifer Peters
Heather Raszka
Stephen Rogenthien, RQAP-GLP
Sara Rybak, RQAP-GLP
Lisa Sottolano, RQAP-GLP
Nancy Teague
Lee Truax-Bellows, RQAP-GCP
Gina Tucker, RQAP-GLP
Michele Weitz, RQAP-GCP
Tabitha Westbrook, LPCA, RQAP-GCP
Stacy Wilson, RQAP-GLP
Lori Wright, RQAP-GLP
Judyth Zahora, PMP